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This project was developed at PSYOP. My duties included sculping the face of the main characters as well as designing the styleframes for the pitch

Director: Eben Mears, Anh Vu
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness
Head of Production: Chris Kiser
Producer: Nick Read
Associate Producer: Chante Edwards
Art Director: Eunice Kim
Designers: Samantha Ballardini, Felipe Hansen, Denny Khurniawan, Hyesung Park, Christoph Sarow, Derek Stratton, Anh Vu
Lead Technical Director: Frank Naranjo
Lead VFX: Eban Byrne
VFX: Andy Hara, Shawn Lipowski, Chris Santoianni
Modeler: Bryan Eck, Briana Franceschini, Michelle Ko, Felipe Hansen
Rigger: Frank Naranjo
Lead Lighter: Jonathan Lee
Lighter: Oliver Castle, Briana Franceschini, Jim Gettinger
Lead Animator: Pat Porter
3D Animator: David Han, Ryan Moran, Stephanie Russell
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Matte Painter: Dark Hoffman, Anh Vu
Lead Compositor: Thomas Panayiotou
Compositor: Herculano Fernandes, Sang Lee
Flame Artist: Warren Paleos
Flame Assist: Claire Pereira De Souza
Motion Graphics: Paolo Garcia
Editor: Jesse Coane

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